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 The original purchase of Lafer a recliner is warranted for 3 years from date of delivery, provided that the product is used on proper household conditions, for its metal frame, foam and spring construction. The moving parts of the mechanisms are also guaranteed for 3 years.

 After the  first year, the guarantee covers defective components but does not cover labor. Particular attention should be given to the footrest mechanism which was designer for feet support only, therefore the warranty does not cover damages cused by overload such as its use for seating.


Lafer recliners structure

 The leather warranty, where applicable: under normal and proper usage, is valid for 3 years against tearing and splitting. Natural marks such as scars or others indicate the natural origin of the material and shall not be considered defects, as well as wrinkles, grain and color variations which are related to the texture and grain variations of the animal skin.

 This warranty will be void if the leather is submitted to improper cleaning with chemical products and abusive use or negligence, such as exposure to direct exposure of sunlight our sources of heat.

 Lafer recliners are designed for residential use, therefore its warranty does not include nonresidential usage of any kind.

Transportation of the product for repair, when and if needed, to and from dealer or distributor, shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. The manufacturer will authorize its dealer for repair or replacement of defective components at his sole option.

This warranty is limited to the above mentioned circumstances only and in no event shall the manufacturer responsibility exceed the purchase price of the article or its replacement.