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Privacy statement

Lafer collects customer information to enhance your knowledge of our products. This privacy policy is intended to assist you in understanding what information we gather about you when you visit this Web site, how we use that information, and the safeguards we have in place for that information.
This Privacy Statement applies only to the information collected online at Lafer.


Information we collect online

Lafer may ask you to provide personal information about yourself when you sign up to receive information about our products, promotions and events through e-mail. Categories of information collected include name, e-mail address, country and province.


Using personal information we collect online

Lafer uses the personal information we collect from you to deliver information about our products, promotions or web site, including adding you to the Lafer E-mail list.

We will use the information you provide when you sign up for Lafer E-mail to send you updates about Lafer products, promotions and events. In addition, we will use your name and e-mail address provided during such sign up, in all the ways described in this privacy statement.


Lafer e-mail messages

Lafer E-mail allows you to receive exclusive information about special offers, events and new products. If you're not already registered, simply complete our sign up form to receive these special messages. If at any time you would like to stop future delivery of Lafer E-mail, please follow the removal instructions located at the bottom of each message or complete the removal from e-mail form.


Information we share with thir parties

We use third parties to help us provide services to you such as administering and monitoring e-mails, administering and sending e-mail messages. Third party service providers may also assist us in offering, running and monitoring the Web Site where you will provide personal information about yourself. Third parties assisting us with our Web Site may only use personal information collected on those sites for the purpose of providing services for us and you.

Privacy of children on our web site

To ensure compliance with federal law, Lafer does not knowingly collect or maintain information provided by children under the age of 13.


Links to other web sites and services

For your convenience, our Web site may contain links to other sites. Links that appear on Lafer should not necessarily be deemed to imply that we endorse or have any affiliation with the linked Web sites. Lafer is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites. We encourage you to review the separate privacy policies of each site you visit.


Questions or concerns

If you have questions or concerns with respect to our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.


Security statement

Lafer takes the following types of security measures: use of technologies and policies such as limited access data-centers and limitations of administrative access to our systems.


Updated September 1, 2021


Lafer and Interdomus Lafer (“Portal and e-commerce”), hosted at https://www.lafer.com.br/ and all other portals whose electronic addresses are identified by the ending “lafer.com.br”, are maintained by Lafer SA Ind e Comércio (“Lafer”), headquartered at R. Do Lavapés, 6, Cambuci, São Paulo - SP, Brazil, CEP 01519-000 and enrolled with CNPJ 61.080.198/0001-55.


This Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection (“Privacy Policy”) applies to every individual who: . (I) access or use the Portals or e-commerce in any capacity; . (II) is a subscriber to the newsletter and/or purchased Lafer's products or services; and . (III) who provide personal data to Lafer in any capacity, whether to access Lafer's establishments, receive content or participate in campaigns and/or contests (collectively referred to as “Data Subjects” or “Data Subjects”). Acceptance of this Privacy Policy must be made by the Owner at the time (I) of registration to access the Portals or e-commerce (“Registration”); (II) the purchase of Lafer products or services; or, further, (III) at any opportunity where you provide personal data to Lafer. The Privacy Policy applies partially to Owners who access the Lafer and or e-commerce Portals in an unidentified manner (below our Cookies Policy), and in full from their registration/login, purchase of products or services of Lafer, of registration in campaigns, events, promotions

or contests of Lafer, or of acceptance of the latter when providing personal data to Lafer. If you do not agree with the provisions contained throughout the text, you must not complete the Registration, hiring, enrollment, or providing your personal data to Lafer. If you receive this Privacy Policy because you have previously provided personal data to Lafer and you disagree with its terms, you may request the deletion of your data, pursuant to the procedure contained in Clause Four of this Policy. In these cases, you will not be able to use all the products and services offered by Lafer. What information does Lafer obtain and how is it used?



This Privacy Policy consolidates Lafer's commitments regarding the collection, storage, security and all other forms of processing personal data, as well as informing about the rights of its Holders and how to exercise them. By reading and accepting this Privacy Policy, the Data Subject confirms to be legally capable in accordance with the Brazilian Civil Code (Law no. 10.406/2002), as well as being aware that the Privacy Policy must be interpreted in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Lafer Portal and e-commerce, for those who use the Portal, which is why it is recommended that the documents be carefully read.



Lafer does not request personal data or offer its products and/or services to children and adolescents under 18 years of age. However, if a parent or legal representative becomes aware that the minor has provided information without their consent, they may contact Lafer immediately via e-mail: contato@lafer.com.br, with the subject “Data Privacy”. The minor's personal data will be deleted from Lafer's systems within a reasonable period of time, which will be informed to the parent or guardian.



3.1. Collection of Personal Data from Holders The Holder agrees and consents to the collection and storage by Lafer of his personal data provided under this Policy. The provision of data is optional; however, the Holder understands that, if he does not provide the necessary personal data, he may not have access to all the features of the Portals or e-commerce, complete the purchase of Lafer products and/or services or even participate in its campaigns, events, promotions or contests.


3.2. Types of data collected by Lafer

a) Data collected in the case of Registration on the Portals and e-commerce, in the subscription to receive a newsletter, participation in campaigns, events, promotions, contests, or even when accessing Lafer's establishments:

- E-mail: used for login of the Holder in Portals or e-commerce, for its differentiation in the database and as a means of contact;

- Name and surname: used to identify the Holder, customize their experience and to facilitate contacts by Lafer and its representatives;

- Cell phone number: used as a means of contact by Lafer and its representatives;

- CPF: used to identify the Holder or recover passwords on Portals or e-commerce;

- RG: used to identify the Holder, for security reasons, to access Lafer establishments when necessary;

- Date of birth: used to identify the Holder's profile, and allow individualization of content offers and/or commercial proposals for products or services;

- Photo: used to identify the Holder, for security reasons, to access Lafer's establishments when necessary, or inserted at the Holder's discretion when using the Portals or e-commerce, as well as coming directly from social networks when the Holder connect through other accounts such as Google and Facebook and others not specified here (social networks).

b) Data for contracting Lafer products or services:

- E-mail: used for login of the Holder in Portals or e-commerce, for its differentiation in the database and as a means of contact;

- Name and surname: used to identify the Holder, customize their experience and facilitate contacts by the Lafer team; - Telephone number: used as a means of contact by Lafer and its representatives

- CPF: used to identify the Holder or recover passwords on the Portals and/or e-commerce, issue invoices or related procedures.

- Payment data: necessary to pay for contracted products or services;

- Address: required for delivery of products and/or provision of services by Lafer;

c) Data collected automatically: Lafer may also automatically collect information when users browse the Portals or e-commerce. Within the Portals, the automatic capture of information will take place through Cookies. Cookies are small files installed on computers or mobile devices when a web browser is used, with the purpose of storing the user's browsing preferences, improving and optimizing their experience. These files make it possible to identify whether the same device has already visited the Portals before and whether or not the user has a Register, among other features. The definitions and rules provided for the automatic collection of data on the Portals through cookies apply, as appropriate, to the automatic collection of data in e-commerce. Which cookies are used by Lafer and for what purpose?

-General use: Serve to provide and enrich your experience on the site through your browsing habits. They facilitate and assist the user in receiving and filling out forms.

-Audience behavior: They help to scale Lafer's audience. They track, store and measure browsing behavior information in order to offer a more personalized service, with content recommendation, benefiting the user experience in Portals and e-commerce to improve products and/or services.

-Security: Protect and allow the user to browse Portals and e-commerce in their full functionality, with authentications to prevent fraud. -Ad delivery: used to deliver advertisements according to your user's consumption profile. What information is collected by cookies? -Type of browser and its settings;

-Information about other identifiers assigned to the device; -Browsing preferences;

-The IP address from which the device accesses the website or mobile app; -Information about the device's geographic location when it accesses a website or mobile app when enabled on the device;

-Credentials, a set of data that the user uses to authenticate himself in order to access certain restricted areas and/or exclusive features;

-Navigation habits to map which areas are visited;

-Time interactions, estimate the length of stay on the site. Can the user be identified using cookies?

If the user is accessing the Portal or e-commerce anonymously, that is, without registering or logging in to the Portals, Lafer will only have access to your browsing profile information, but will not be able to identify you as an individual . However, if you register or log in, the information captured by cookies may be linked to the user, due to the crossing of information.

How long will cookies be stored?

The storage period for cookies that collect user information may vary. However, the user can delete cookies by configuring their browser. It is important to keep in mind that cookies will be recreated when browsing is resumed. If the user does not agree with the capture of cookies, he can always configure his browser so that the collection of cookies is blocked, remembering that, by doing so, the experience of using the Portal may be partially impaired. In the case of e-commerce use, the information collected from the purchase cannot be deleted, as its capture is inherent to the use and functionality and safety of the purchase. Such information will be deleted from our databases in case of account deletion or registration request. For information in this regard, see clause 4.2. of this Policy.

Is it possible to prevent data collection through cookies?

If the user wishes, it is always possible to disable the collection of information through cookies by configuring their own browser. The user can consult general guidelines for setting Cookies in various types of browsers in Lafer's Cookies Policy. In the use of e-commerce, the automatic capture of information is inherent to the operation of applications and security for eventual purchases, for this reason, it will not be possible to disable it.


3.3. Forms of Use of Owners' Personal Data During the activities carried out by Lafer, the personal data collected from the Holders may be used for some specific purposes, identified below: - To fulfill the contract: personal data will be used for

(I) register the Holder in the Portals, e-commerce and our systems as a Customer;

(II) feed Lafer's personal databases;

(III) receive, direct and respond to the Holder's demands made through the contact channels with Lafer;

(IV) make payment for products or services contracted from Lafer; and (V) for the delivery of products to the Cardholder's address.

- In compliance with Lafer's legitimate interest: the personal data will be used to prepare general statistics, without identifying the Owners, by anonymizing the personal data used.

- The Holder freely, informed and unequivocally consents to the following purposes for the use of their personal data:

- Incorporation into the database of Lafer S.A. ind. Commerce "Lafer", CNPJ No. 61.080.198/0001-55, located at R. Do Lavapés, 6, Cambuci, São Paulo – SP, Brazil, CEP 01519-000; -Contact, from time to time, by Lafer and/or its service providers, in order to provide you with information and notices about the products and services purchased, inform about new products and/or services of Lafer, to deliver gifts , to carry out satisfaction and behavior surveys, or to inform the Holder about promotions and marketing campaigns, by Lafer itself and/or the companies of its business group, whether by email, direct mail, SMS, social networks or other similar media;

- Inform about products, services, campaigns, promotions and offers from Lafer partners, by email, direct mail, SMS, social networks or other means of communication, without the data being shared with such partners, except for the capture of data by themselves;

- Respond to questions and requests from the Holder;

- Identify the Holder in comments entered by him and others interactions allowed in Portals and e-commerce.

3.3.1. In the event that satisfaction and behavior surveys are carried out, the information eventually provided by the Holder regarding their habits and preferences regarding the use of Lafer Portals, e-commerce, products or services, in addition to characteristics such as age group, education level , region of residence, among others similar, which serve the segmentation and better understanding of our base, in favor of improving products or services, will not be linked to the profile of the Holder who provided them, and will therefore be treated anonymously by Lafer.


3.4. Assumptions for Sharing Personal Data of Owners Lafer undertakes to maintain exclusive custody of the personal data collected. However, in the cases listed below, data will be shared with suppliers, business partners and/or other Lafer companies:

- To fulfill the contract: personal data will be shared with suppliers contracted by Lafer, only when necessary to ensure the execution or delivery of products, the provision of services or maintenance thereof, provided that such suppliers are committed to using the personal data in accordance with the rules and limits established in this Privacy Policy and in compliance with the General Data Protection Law.

- In order to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation: personal data will be shared as required by law, such as (a) by court order and (b) by request of the competent administrative authority, and in both cases the sharing of data will be limited to that was required.

- For the regular exercise of Lafer's rights: personal data will be shared with the Judiciary Branch and the Public Administration for

(a) defense and compliance with subpoenas in judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings;

(b) when we have a good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, protect your safety or that of others, investigate fraud, or respond to a government requirement.

- The Holder consents freely, unequivocally and informed to the sharing of their data:

- with suppliers hired by Lafer, to help us carry out satisfaction and behavior surveys, in which case the guidelines in clause 3.3.1, regarding the anonymization of the information collected, also apply;

- with Lafer partners, with a view to enriching the Holders' contact data, such as e-mail and telephone, provided that these partners have the Holders' consent to share the data or, provided they are public data that are not need consent;

- with Lafer sponsors, provided that the Owner has expressly consented to such sharing, by choosing to participate and provide his/her personal data in commercial campaigns, marketing, promotions or events offered by these partners, in which case the collected data will also be processed by the partner, according to its own Privacy Policy, which will be available to the Owner at the time of data collection;

- with other companies, if Lafer is involved in a merger, acquisition or sale of all or part of its assets, provided that the transaction involves ownership of Lafer's databases. ;

- with foreign companies in the cases provided above, and Lafer guarantees that any international transfer to which personal data may be submitted will comply with all the rules of this Privacy Policy, as well as with the applicable legal obligations, as provided for in the General Law of Data Protection - LGPD.

- Anonymized data: The sharing of anonymized data does not require the Owner's consent, who will not be identified in these data processing operations. Anonymized data may be periodically transmitted to service providers that help improve Lafer's Portals, e-commerce, products or services.


3.5. Storage of Data on Holders. Lafer makes its best and greatest efforts to ensure the security of personal data stored in its physical and digital databases, as well as hiring modern servers that meet the market's security standards. Lafer will store the Holders' personal data for the time necessary until its purpose is fulfilled, except when there is a need to comply with legal storage obligations, such as the custody obligations arising from the Marco Civil da Internet (Law No. 12.965 /2014), or when there is a legitimate interest by Lafer in maintaining the data. The customer who is a user of the Portals or e-commerce now recognizes and agrees that the delivery of the product and services carried out with Lafer will not automatically imply the exclusion of their registration. If interested, the Holder may request the permanent deletion of his registration and personal data through the email contato@lafer.com.br with the subject “Data Privacy” and description of the request in the body of the email. The Holder hereby acknowledges that the contents of the Portals and e-commerce that contain personal data, made available by the Holder and by Lafer and/or by third parties but hosted at Lafer, will be stored indefinitely until the holder is requested to remove it within the term. required to perform the removal.

4.1. Access and correction of personal data by the Holder. The Holder, through login and password access, may request access to the completeness of their personal data through the email contato@lafer.com.br, with the subject “Data Privacy” with a description of the request in the body of the email , where you can update or correct them, when necessary, and there may be security confirmations by Lafer with the Holder.

4.2. Deletion, blocking, anonymization of personal data and revocation of consent
According to the LGPD, the Holder has, among other rights, the right to request the deletion, blocking or anonymization of personal data collected by Lafer. The Holder may also interrupt the collection of their personal data by the Portal when ending their registration, to do so, just get in touch via e-mail contato@lafer.com.br, with the subject “Data Privacy” and description of the request in the email body.
However, by doing this, the Owner is aware that he will no longer have access to the full functionality of the Portal and e-commerce.

4.3. Owner's Personal Data Portability
If the Holder wishes to delete their personal data from Lafer and migrate them to companies not related to Lafer or its economic group, they should contact us via e-mail contato@lafer.com.br, with the subject “Data Privacy” and description of the request in the body of the e-mail, so that Lafer deletes the registration data of the Holder, having the knowledge that it is enough for him to share the data he desires or has the need to use on another platform, except for the execution of purchase of products and/or services.

Lafer is concerned with safeguarding confidentiality and protecting the personal data of Data Subjects. For this, it has physical, electronic and procedural security mechanisms to protect the personal data in its custody.
The Holder understands that, even though it is not possible to guarantee that his/her personal data are completely secure at all times, Lafer's security program meets or exceeds the practices accepted by the industry and the requirements established in the General Data Protection Law - LGPD.
If it is identified that the Holder's personal data has been compromised, Lafer guarantees that it will use all reasonable means to mitigate the risks and remedy any damage that may exist, as well as that it will keep the Holder informed of the measures taken within a reasonable time.
Lafer disclaims responsibility for damages eventually caused to the Holders exclusively by third parties, including viruses or data leakage, unless its guilt is proven.

Lafer reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time as necessary. The Holder will be notified if there is any change to this Policy that entails a relevant modification regarding the processing of personal data. Changes will be notified to the Owner through messages on the Portals and e-commerce, on the first access made by the User. We recommend that the Holder regularly review this Policy, especially when there are changes.
If the Holder does not agree with the new version of the text, he may terminate his relationship with Lafer (see item 4.2 of this Policy), which makes it impossible to access the Portals and e-commerce in their full functionality or, eventually, to contact the Lafer through its digital channels.

For Owners who browse the Portals or e-commerce, this Privacy and Data Protection Policy is linked to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Portals which can be accessed at: https://www.lafer.com.br/ terms of use. In case of discrepancy between a provision of this Privacy Policy and another of the Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy Policy shall prevail.

In case of doubts or requests regarding the use of personal data or about Lafer's Privacy Policy, the Holder can contact us via email contato@lafer.com.br, with the subject “Data Privacy” and description of the request in the body of the email.